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Our company is specialized on researching of aero-hydrodynamic and vortex processes by mechanical oscillations. We have got a number of essential results. Our results are based on profound analysis of thousand scientific works and own theoretical and experimental studies, that were developed throughout the past few decades.

The sphere of oscillating aero-hydrodynamic processes is transcendently complicated and poorly explored. That’s why there’re few scientists, who possess knowledge in this area.

This area of physical processes can provide a number of important results, which can be used as a base for the high technologies.

Themes of our R&D, which «High Oscillating Technologies UG» can perform to your order:

 1. Alternative self-powered energy sources, which extract energy from free atmosphere and water environments. It can solve a global energy crisis in the world

The ideal source of energy

Alternative sources of energy

Vortex Power Station

Vortex — oscillatory heat pump

Solar aero-vortical power station


2. Simple and inexpensive energy sources based on cylindrical bodies brought in to oscillation motion by stream or wind.


Hydro power stations with oscillating cylinders

Wind- and hydropower station with oscillating wings

Windpower station with a oscillating cylindrical body

Extraction energy of sea waves


3. Water extraction from atmosphere and gas liquefaction.

Extraction water from atmosphere

Condensation of natural gas


4. Economical and maneuverable vertical take-off air vehicles


Transport of a new type

Personal air vehicles vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) with oscillating wings type of «umbrella»

Unmanned aerial vehicle vertical takeoff and landing (UAV VTOL) with oscillating wings

Unmanned aerial vehicles “flying wing” with oscillating propulsor

Airship of a new generation

Airship-repeater of a new type

Hovercraft with oscillating skirt

Innovative equipment for extinguishing of fires

Alternative flying vehicles

raketa  samolet  seatank

Vortex-oscillatory motion in the fuel tanks, engines of rockets and aircraft


5. Swimming vehicles with flapping wing


Swimming vehicles with flapping wing

Unmanned underwater vehicle with the propulsor of oscillatory type


Boats and vessels on underwater wings with propulsor of oscillatory type


 6. Technologies based on vortex oscillating effect (mills, mixing machinery, pumps, separators etc.)


Vortex Oscillatory Mill

Grinder of materials to nano-sizes

Recycling garbage by using of vortex-oscillatory mill


Household mixer

Water fuel mix

Washing device

Vortex-oscillating pump for pumping polluted liquids 

Vortex-oscillating pump for pumping out the ground during the dredging

Vortex-oscillating pump for pumping oil sludge 

Vortex-oscillating pump for Sapropel

Extraction of oil from oil sand

Decrease in viscosity of oil 

Equipment for husking of sunflower seeds, oleaginous and cereal crops

Shop extraction grasses

New field irrigation system



7. Attraction parks of new generation



8. Positive influence of vibrations on the human body

Vibration on the human


 9. The unusual natural phenomena


Sea waves-murderers

Movement of tectonic plates of the Earth